Peru – Partners

Our Partners

2030 WRG has been working with several partners to contribute to the management of Peru’s water resources.

We have convened a Steering Committee with former Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Vice ministers from relevant water-using sectors, the Director of the National Water Authority (ANA), CEOs of private companies and high level representatives from Civil Society, Academia and the Donor Community.

Three Working Groups on different issues related to Water Sustainability have been set up. The first group is working on Economic Incentives for Sustainable Water Management, the second on Public Private Partnerships for Sustainable Watersheds, and the third on Innovative Financial Solutions for Investment in Water Projects.

The Working Groups (WG) have already met 6 times this year.  Our key actors in the groups include (from the public sector) the National Water Authority (ANA), the Ministry of Housing and Sanitation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the National Regulatory Agency (SUNASS) and the National Council of Competitiveness (CNC). Key private sector institutions and companies include: Peru 2021, National Society of Energy, Petroleum and Mines, Peruvian Society of Hydrocarbons, Minera Buenaventura, UNACEM, Mexichem, Southern.  Active institutions from the civil society include: The Nature Conservancy, WWF, Global Water Partnership, Agualimpia, Innovacion Rural, and Ciudad Saludable.  Key partners and strategic allies from the donor community are: the World Bank, GIZ, IDB, COSUDE, USAID/Peru.