The 2030 Water Resources Group’s approach in Tanzania has recently already made great strides in the analytical phase of our engagement, as is evident in the hydro-economic overview published in August 2014. Our work has complementarily begun advancing the multi-stakeholder aspect of the project.

Analyze: In November 2013, the 2030 WRG held its first Tanzania Partnership workshop wherein participants identified the three focus areas on which the Partnership should focus: (i) water use efficiency, (ii) cross-sectoral collaboration and (iii) water source protection and water security. In addition, participants expressed the need for an additional piece of work that would help prioritize the nine river basins in Tanzania for further in-depth analysis, the executive summary of which is public. 2030 WRG therefore commissioned AMEC to further their initial hydro-economic analysis based on two key criteria: the private sector potential, and both the readiness and capacity of the Basin Water Boards (BWB) toward playing an active role in any future discussion and implementation.

Convene: Moving forward, and as each Workstream and the Management Board have limited places, the Ministry of Water and Prime Minister’s Office selected organizations from the public sector and civil society ensuring a good balance from a sector point of view. Formal invitations were sent to each selected organization and responses are currently being collected. In parallel, and in recognition of the importance of engaging a wide range of private sector companies within the Partnership, two private sector meetings were organized to broaden the private sector engagement to the full range of private sector active in Tanzania and to decide on the private sector composition of the Management Board and Workstreams. The composition of the Workstreams and Management Board is still being finalized, though many of those involved can be seen in the project partners page.

Exercising momentum, the first meeting of the 2030 WRG Tanzania partnership Management Board is planned to be held during the second week of September 2014 to provide strategic guidance to the Partnership. The first meetings of the Work streams will take place thereafter.