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The challenge

The water resources challenges in Tanzania encompass those facing much of our world. The country must meet and balance the increasing water demands from a broad range of pressures: a growing population above 47 million, with water needed for food security, economic growth, and energy production. These pressures must furthermore be balanced against maintaining some of the most important ecosystems on the planet. The geography and climate are diverse and there are potentially abundant water resources, while some areas are water scarce.

Our role

In January 2013, at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of United Republic of Tanzania and the Minister of Agriculture expressed interest in forging a partnership with the 2030 Water Resources Group in order to address the above-mentioned issues. Shortly after signing a Memorandum of Understanding later that same year, together we launched a partnership with the goal to support, compliment and strengthen the existing efforts of the Government of Tanzania to (i) develop and achieve a water secure future, (ii) enable a sustainable growth track for economic and social development as well as environmental protection.

Following a 2030 WRG hosted kick-off workshop in November 2013, we have since advanced our analytic support with a Hydro-Economic Overview published in August 2014, and likewise contributed Tanzania’s twin development goals by establishing a multi-stakeholder Partnership.

Country publications

Please read our country analyses below. We hope that the studies will help water sector professionals and pertinent government officials harness solutions, expertise and investment generated by the private sector, civil society and the public.

Tanzania propels action on water resources reform

Tanzania propels action on water resources reform

The results presented in this report brought together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss the results and the way forward with the bigger aim to catalyze action on water resources reform.

The 2030 WRG Tanzania Partnership has identified key focus areas for our future work, and is now formalizing the working groups to take forward the debate and practical actions in the areas of water use efficiency, water source protection and water security and cross-sectoral collaboration.

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Tanzania Prioritizing Water Basins

Prioritizing Tanzania’s River Basins

This report presents recommendations to prioritize Tanzanian river basins for further hydro-economic analysis. The work is part of a program undertaken by the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) to inform and accelerate sustainable transformation in the water sector to support economic growth. This study includes a national overview of the magnitude and urgency of the country’s water challenges, and a review of two river basins: the Wami Ruvu, which includes Dar es Salaam, the largest urban center in Tanzania, and the Rufiji river basin, the focus area of the government’s Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) investment program.

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